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The ROSA robot is an innovative surgical robot designed to increase the safety and reliability of various neurological procedures without compromising established surgical protocols. Comparable to a ‘GPS’ for the brain, the robot can be used for any type of cranial procedure requiring surgical planning with preoperative data, patient registration and precise positioning and handling of instruments. ROSA is installed in hospitals worldwide to assist in neurosurgical procedures and this will be the first ROSA installation in a UK NHS hospital. A typical example of where ROSA has achieved great success is in epilepsy surgical procedures. The ROSA is excellent for precision, meaning surgery for epilepsy is available for patients who have small trigger seizure points, of the 30% poorly controlled epilepsy cases around 75% could benefit from the equipment. ROSA is supporting Neurocare’s aim to strive for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to be centres of excellence in the UK.

Target: £250,000

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