The Physios started over 20 years ago, providing skilled physiotherapy by experienced clinicians.

Their years experience of ‘hands-on’ treatment and further education gives them the confidence that they can provide the specialist care all of you need.

And luckily for all of you they will be at Head Start this year helping you with any specialist treatment and care that you might require.

You’ll find them next door to the registration marque ready to give massages post run for all those tired legs, what more could you want! Please head to see them after your run or before for any advice, they will be very happy to help.

As well as this they are very kindly giving all you Head Start runners 15% off their Run Lab sessions.

This is a fantastic opportunity to speak to a real professional who can help improve your running and help you achieve those targets that you thought might not be possible.

They’re a great team and if you would like to enquire and chat to them about anything then they would absolutely welcome your call.

Contact The Physios