Our fundraiser Sophie went over to Rother Valley for their Saturday Park run to test the Head Start route and it did not disappoint.

Sophie is not a runner by any stretch of the imagination but this year decided to tackle Sheffield’s park runs.

She has been to Endcliffe park run a number of times but struggled to run it in under 30 minutes. On Saturday when she headed over to Rother Valley she was determined to finish faster than ever before.

The route is absolutely flat with beautiful scenery so she felt this would help take her mind off of the voice in the head telling her to stop and give up!

Sophie started the run feeling confident but when half way felt like it was never going to come her hopes of finishing in under 30 minutes seemed like light years away.

However she dug deep and with the support of Neurocare’s Ambassador Jamie Sims she finished in a fantastic time of 27.54, even managing a sprint finish.

She absolutely smashed her personal best and felt great for doing it.

This could be you on the 7th of May, if you’re looking to achieve a personal best or for an easy first run then this is the perfect event.

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