This year you and your company could do something amazing and become part of an exclusive group of businesses that have helped transform the lives of thousands of people.

We at the Neurocare charity have managed to secure the most advanced surgical robot of its kind for the neurological centre of excellence at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

The Hallamshire is now the ONLY NHS hospital in the entire UK to have a ROSA Robot.

Just like a GPS system, ROSA provides neurosurgeons with extraordinarily accurate 3D maps of the brain, allowing them to precisely and safely reach areas they could not reach before.

This offers real hope for people with poorly controlled epilepsy, deep-seated brain tumours, Parkinson’s Disease and other complex brain disorders.

By the end of the year it is hoped that ROSA will also be used for complex spinal surgery.

But to keep this state-of-the-art technology in Yorkshire we first have to pay for it – which means raising £250,000 by the end of August.

Which is where you come in.

We are looking for 50 companies who will join our High Five Club by pledging to raise £500 in five months for the ROSA Robot Appeal.

I know you’re very busy and thinking why should I reply to this email and sign up? Well here are just five good reasons:

  • Raising money for charity makes staff feel good and makes the company look good.
  • When you hit that £500 mark, we’ll put together a press release about your amazing achievement.
  • This is a one-off appeal for a specific purpose, so staff know exactly what they are fund raising for and know that every penny will be going to ensure that we keep ROSA available on the NHS and in South Yorkshire.
  • ROSA’s incredible pinpoint precision is much less invasive and has the potential to reduce operating times by as much as 40%, greatly improving recovery and surgical outcomes.
  • And if you’re still undecided then please take a few minutes to watch this ROSA robot video

To find out more about Neurocare and the Appeal go to And to sign up to the Five High Club contact Sophie at Neurocare on 0114 267 6464 or email