Neurocare’s appeal to buy specialist fans to enhance patient comfort has coincided with one of the hottest summers on record.

We have already funded more than 70 Dyson Air Multiplyer fans, and now are appealing for donations to buy more for the neurology wards at the city’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

We are appealing for more fans, as patients who have suffered a serious head Injury or undergone neurosurgery often run a very high temperature because the brain struggles to regulate body temperature.

The fans maintain a much more comfortable environment for patients, helping to keep them cool and comfortable in the hospital environment.

Why Dyson fans?

Alison Druce, Senior Sister on the neurosurgery wards, said: “All of the neurosciences wards at the RHH are using these fans, thanks to the kind donations of so many of our supporters.

“These fans are fantastic as they are bladeless and are easy to clean. We often have one cooling the room and another being used by a specific patient.

“The fans we have are constantly in use as many of our patients have conditions and surgery that affects their ability to control their own body temperatures. To have even more fans available would be really beneficial to these patients.”

To donate funds to improve the care provided to patients by providing items such as Dyson fans, which retail at £250 each, visit