Callum, Brett, Gregg and Richard braved the English weather and tackled a 42 miles walk last weekend, all to raise money for Neurocare and support their loved one.

They did an absolutely fantastic job walking from 4am until 11pm, 19 long hours not just the 42 miles that they had planned but an additional 5 after a directional error.

Brett and his friends are supporting Neurocare because: “back in April 2013 my sister-in-law suffered a sudden brain haemorrhage at the age of 22 years old. She had to have not one, but two lifesaving brain operations within a 12 month period. Thankfully she is here to tell the tale and despite having minor headaches and tiredness she is living her life normally.”

Thank you so much for supporting Neurocare, you must all have such determination, you’re all awesome. Please continue reading for an exciting story about the day of the walk.

Read Callum, Brett, Gregg and Richard’s Story

“ We started at Osmortherley Lyke Wake Stone at 4.00am on Saturday morning while most of you guys were probably sleeping. We were making good time of it and we reached our half way point the Lion Inn pub at Rossendale Head shortly after 11.30am, we used this time to eat/drink and also change our socks but the most thing we did was moan at what we were actually doing.

Then disaster struck we took a right turn out of the pub car park and ended up 2.5 miles down the wrong way before we realised what we had done. This meant another 2.5 miles back to the pub to get back on track and a loss of 2 hours precious time.

We finally got back on track but the next 20-25 miles were very very tough, it was mix of bogs, ravines and heather and it was not only tiring but damn right annoying as objects in the distance seemed to get no closer hour by hour. I don’t think any of us spoke more than two words on this section apart from the odd expletive.

We eventually reached our finish point at Ravenscar at 11.00pm Saturday night and the totals were 51.6 miles in 19 hours which we were more than happy with after our error at the half way point.
The only positives I can give about this challenge was our total raised is creeping ever closer to £1600 and the burning of 11,000 calories, and also the fact that out of all of us I was the only one without any blisters priceless!!”

All done in such amazing spirit and with a sense of humour to keep them going. Well done lads, you’ve done brilliantly and again, thank you so much.

Neurocare x