But a part of me shines
By Terri Bowden 
SAH Survivor

The noise in my head
It all gets too loud
It’s not just brain fog
More like thunderstorm with permanent cloud

Who knew one day
I’d wake forever ill
A silent red bubble
Intended to kill

I relive it each day
The moment was scary
I try to let go
But I will always be wary

I’m not just that moment
I have to mourn but still live
Put a smile on my face
And give all I can give

Sometimes I’m so down
A crane could not lift
But I’ve learnt the hard way
That life is a gift

I soon overdo it
And end up really stressed
I feel everything and nothing
But still know that I’m blessed

So I welcome the help
And accept I need naps
I’m one that’s lucky
Though life has its caps

I now live in the moment
Which that has its perks
I’ll give anything a go
To see if it works

So now thanks to you for standing
Right by my side
For holding my hand
All those times that I cried

When I’m feeling weak
You tell me I’m strong
When I say that I’m done
You tell me I’m wrong

This is my path now
As I followed the Signs
I’m not who I was
But a part of me shines