Betty Coberman has used her creativity to help raise money for Neurocare, to thank hospital staff who saved the life of her dad before she was even born.

Betty, aged 10, has designed a cosmic shimmer Christmas card complete with Rudolf, which she is selling in packs of ten as part of Neurocare November.

She decided to raise funds after she met the surgeon who saved her dad’s life (Richard Coberman, 39) after he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus- a build-up of fluid on the brain- when he was 28 years old.

Betty said: “When my dad was 28 years old he was encountering really bad pressure headaches, severe visual disturbances and loss of vision, along with loss of balance and weight loss.

“He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, which he needed an operation to fix. As a result of nearly losing his life he also developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“At a Neurocare event I met the surgeon that saved my dad’s life, and ever since have wanted to raise funds!”

As part of Neurocare November, the charity is looking for 100 people to raise £100 to support the care and treatment of people living with head injuries, brain tumours and other complex conditions.

This can be through many different ways, such as the charity’s upcoming Halloween abseil, hosting a fundraising event or getting a workplace involved.

“I am taking part in Neurocare November and hope to raise £100 by making Christmas cards. I love art, especially sketching and photography.

“I used cosmic shimmer with water for my Christmas cards which made a beautiful shimmery scene,” Betty said.

Betty’s cards are priced at £6.50 for a pack of 10 and can be bought online at or by email on

To find out more about Neurocare November, and for a free fundraising guide, email, phone 0114 226 9678 or visit the website at